2004 honda civic lx over heating, can find problem

My honda Civic keeps over heating, I have had most everything changed by a mechanic but even he can’t find the problem, it has new Cadillac converter, raideator, cap too, water pump, hoses, thermostat, and still gets hot.

Honda’s at this age frequently develop a head gasket leak. One of the symptoms is overheating. An experienced mechanic would know to check this. If caught early and repaired your engine will continue to give you good service. Suggest you find another mechanic. BTW you have a catalytic converter not Cadillac.


+1 to SteveCBT’s comment, but I want to add that if–as the OP implies–the engine has overheated multiple times, it is very likely that it will need more than just the replacement of the head gasket.
After multiple overheating events, the cylinder head is likely to be warped, and there could be internal engine damage, such as scoring of the cylinder walls.


It’s remotely possible the fan isn’t working but unfortunately a bad head gasket is more likely.