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2004 got jumped, then no power at all next start attempt

2004 Infiniti g35 about 196k
I was driving for hours. Turned my car off for about ten minutes, when I came back the lights worked but it almost all the electrical would go out or flash when attempting to start. Jumped the car and it ran just fine for around a half hour. I then turned it off and attempted to turn it back on immediately. At this point there was no response from the car at all. None of the lights or gauges turned on and the power locks would not even work.
Can anyone help me? I think it might just be a battery issue, and hoping it’s not the alternator.

Sounds like a dead battery. How old is it? Do you have a voltmeter to check the voltage on the battery?

My guess is the alternator isn’t charging the battery.

First, clean battery cables. Then fully charge battery, then have battery checked and at same time check the voltage output at the alternator. If you haven’t found the problem by the time you’ve done all this, you should take it to a shop. It shouldn’t be very expensive.

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