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2004 Ford Taurus

Does the 2004 Ford Taurus have a timing belt or timing chain and what is a ballpark figure for repair of either?

All engines offered in the '04 Taurus use a timing chain which should last the life of the vehicle with proper maintenance. Occasionally, the DOHC engine may need new timing chain and guides around a quarter million miles if it gets noisy. Are you having some kind of issue?

Engine started missing - code came up 301 - misfire in #1 cylinder. I was thinking I needed a tune up. Next day I couldn’t get it started. That makes me think timing chain.

How many miles are on it? What do you know about its whole life’s maintenance history? Be as specific as you can.

Going from a P0301 code straight to a timing chain just because it won’t start is a strange leap to make. Slow down.

Use a spare spark plug or spark tester to check for spark.

Use some starting fluid into the intake to see if that gets a little hiccup out of it.


143000 miles. Don’t really know the entire maintenance history. I’ve had the car for about 4 years. I always think the worst when it comes to repairs. I’m no mechanic, so I guess I will just have it towed to the shop and repaired.

I have a 2004 Mazda which has the Ford 6 cyl engine. I’ve gone through a bunch of coils and have been told it’s a common problem on my car and the related Fords.

Now that you mention the coil AL5000, I now remember that I have had the engine light come on previously saying there was an issue with the ignition coil. Any idea what the repair cost is if that’s the problem?

Habman…the coils run around $70 at Autozone. They are very easy to replace, Just make sure the ignition wires go back in the right order. You can also ask if they will replace them at the auto parts store.

But don’t replace it just on a guess. You have to find out why its not starting. Guessing will get expensive fast.

I still think my best bet is to have the car towed and let the professionals deal with it.

Please post back with the fix. The feedback will help a lot of people that are troubleshooting a similar problem.

I will be sure to do that.

If you’re feeling adventurous…find the fuel tank under the car. Bang on the tank with the broad (flat) side of a hammer while an assistant tries to start the car.

Final Diagnosis: Needed new plugs and wires.

Count me as very skeptical as to plugs and wires being the cause of the no-start problem. My feeling is that someone made a bad guess at the cause and you’re not out of the woods yet on this.

Now been driving it a week with no issues.