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2004 F-350 drops rpms on startup then idles normally

A little background. I was changing the oil and oil filter and noticed that the battery post was corroded. Disconnected the battery and cleaned the post. After that, I have noticed that most of the time, whether hot or cold, the engine cranks normally, quickly looses rpm to the point of almost stalling then recovers and runs fine after that. No check engine lights on at all. I have since removed the battery connections and waited about 5 minutes and reconnected them, turned on the ac, lights, anything that would put a load on the engine and cranked it hoping that it was just a computer problem. Nope, same issue. Truck runs fine otherwise, just the start up issue. Engine is gas powered 5.4 liter V-8. Suggestions welcomed.

Bumping. Any suggestions?

In general, these days disconnecting the battery can cause problems:

I have a GM van & the repair manual tells you that the van might run a bit funny if the computer has lost its memory. It gives some kind of a procedure to follow, but I’ve never had to since its never behaved oddly after a battery disconnect. I’d guess that your might straighten itself out over time.

You might also be looking at coincidence and cleaning your idle air control valve & throttle body is never a bad idea.