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2004 F 150 Replacement Engine - Any Suggestion?

I have a question and wonder if you can recommend or tell me what I should do.
Our Ford f 150 Motor died by failing timing Chains, ,Phasers and Bearings at 145000 mi . Now we want to replace the Engine and are puzzled.
That is what we got so far…

Gearhead 2961 plus 299 Install Kit - 560 Core up front

Powertrain 2099 plus 348 install Kit 319 Core Up Front

Accurate Engines 2795 plus 350 install Kit and 79/ for warranty/ year

Remanns 3000 plus 299 install Kit + 500 core

Fraser 3350 ( install Kit included ) plus 450 core

None of them negotiate and some have bad reviews. Any experience or suggestions ?

Thank you!

First, as a sanity check… I’d question whether it’s worth it to replace the engine in this truck. Is the rest of the truck in good shape?

Secondly… are you planning to do the engine replacement on your own, or have a shop/mechanic do the work? Reason I ask is… if a shop is going to do it, why not just let them use their preferred supplier?

I’ve never had to replace an engine myself, but I’ve heard good things about Jasper.

Good luck.

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Of course they don’t negotiate , why would you even expect that ? And why list ones that have bad reviews ? As Mr. Led said is the truck worth this expense .

2004 was the first year for the 3 valve per cylinder 5.4 liter, and this failure is pretty common. Common enough that the aftermarket makes a kit to basically lock the camshaft in place, eliminating the cam phasers, etc.

A freind of mine replaced his (same engine) with a Ford factory reman engine. I don’t recall the cost, but I think it came with a substantial warranty. The truck was in otherwise good shape, though, and he bought it for very little with an already bad engine in it, with plans of replacing the engine.

At any rate, check with Ford on a replacement engine. Google “Tasca”. They are a Ford parts distributor and generally have a much better price than the dealer.

Assuming the truck is worth sinking the cash into, like others mentioned.

Hi , yes the rest is in great shape and we still wonder if it makes sense to put a new motor in. never know maybe the transmission goes out next.
It is a dare if you do and dare if you don;t situation. The Mechanic we use is putting it in for free because he screwed the motor up at the end and would like O;Reilys but they are 3680 plus Install Kit plus Core

Given the value of this vehicle you had better plan on driving it for a long time if you replace motor. If you furnish the motor I can’t see the mechanic placing any kind of warranty on his part.

It would help if you explained what the mechanic did wrong and why he is not solving the problem at his expense.

Well, in January I had all the sudden no Oil Pressure , after a few attempts to get it fixed myself I had the mechanic get to it , he replaced all kinda things that were bad and also replaced Phasers and Timing Chains. The Truck kept stalling when warm at any Stop Sign. So we took it back , told him to drive until warm to see what I am talking about. Well it died on him …Now he discovered metal Shavings in the Oil. So I am not a car mechanic but I assume the screwed it up when they put the phasers and chains in. I am a Forklift Mechanic and I can mess up stuff too. But I will admit and learn. Well I guess by him willing to do the labor for free is kinda fair too. He did not break the motor - Ford messed up - but he repaired it to Death. The more I think about it the more I believe to just be done with it …You guys here seem to be a great help on me understanding that I am dealing with a 14 yo. truck.

well - I do not trust reviews because usually people that are mad write or leave a bad review. Not the ones that are satisfied and taken care of. So I thought maybe somebody had a good experience with one of my findings :slight_smile:

I’m not familar with any of the outfits you mention but will say this.

Negotiation is a dead issue. They run on small margins so why should they cut it even more…

You always have to take complaints with a grain of salt. There is not a single manufactured item in the world (small or large) that X number of people are not complaining about. Who knows: maybe the installation and operation of the replacement engine was done incorrectly by the individual or even the shop that did the work. The blame then goes to the engine provider…

Since you brought it up . . .

How well have you been maintaining that transmission?

Every how many miles have you serviced the fluid and filter?

If the answer is never, then I’d say installing a remanned engine may be too much of a gamble

If you say every 30K, then the truck may justify a remanned engine, providing it is as cherry as you say

Well I think we came to the conclusion - just to let it go and get over it. It sucks , but to put more money in it and get skunked 2 month later would be more painful. So all you folks here on this platform helped us to make a decision for the best :slight_smile: Thanks!