2004 Chevrolet Malibu Classic power steering fluid leak

fan not going on sensor coolant and now leaking pstearing fluid and scared im going to die or kill someone if it goes out when driving like the fuel pump i cant afford wrong diagnostic on ssi and someone said it was blown headgasket and wanted me to give my car away found out its not but the fan isnt turning on paying 1000 to park it legally and it still not working and im terrified to spend my only money i will have on another mechanic who thinks im healthy and thinks i have money and dont

The sensor, fan or relay is likely bad. If the temperature gauge works you can probably eliminate the sensor (some cars have two, I don’t know if yours does). I understand not wanting to waste money you don’t have but it takes time to diagnose problems and professionals get paid for their time. Once the cooling problem is solved it will depend on how bad the power steering leak is. You may be able to live with it as long as you keep an eye on the fluid level.

soundslike you have bg probs maybe you should see a dr and maybe a lawyer possible a taxidermist we can help you find a fix for your car problems but not the others OMG they need to b postd where people ho can help and maybe turn ur splchk on and maybe drgn to help compse post understnd we cant

If you drove this vehicle with a failed radiator fan motor until the engine became very hot the head gasket could be leaking, this means a warped cylinder head that must be replaced.

The cost of this repair would very likely exceed the cost of buying another old Chevrolet.