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2004 Chevrolet Avalanche - Brake Line Leak

I had a leak in a brake line under driver side of my truck but since repairing it I now have a major leak at the rubber grommet in the floor board there. Could this just be the booster needs to be rebuilt?

I don’t really understand that comment. Which grommet? And is the leak still brake fluid? (I own the same model and year)

If the hydro-booster is leaking, it will leak power steering fluid. If the vacuum booster is leaking, it won’t leak anything. They built them with both. If the master is leaking, you’ll see it run down the booster from underhood.

These things commonly completely rust the metal brake lines 6 to 15 inches from the ABS unit under the driver’s seat. The best, and only comprehensive solution, is a complete set of new metal brake lines including the braided steel flex portion. Pre-bent kits are available and not too expensive. Labor can be a bit of a killer. Better to change them all than chase a leak.

If you haven’t already changed he rubber lines, do it now.