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2004 Acura MDX 100k miles; to tow a trailer or not?

We’re relocating about 2,000 miles shortly. I’m contemplating towing a 6’x12’ cargo trailer with the MDX. We have no problems now, but this trailer is 1,920 lbs empty and the MDX’s towing limit is 4,500 lbs. I’m afraid when full we’ll be right at this limit. At the moment we have the hitch and all the necessary wiring but not the transmission cooler that is included with the factory tow package. I’m worried with the age and mileage of this vehicle pushing the limits at this point might not be such a good idea. If we decided to do this, should I add the trans cooler or not worry about it? The alternative would be to spend an extra $1K and rent a uhaul and tow the MDX on a trailer. Any thoughts?

You’re right to worry, I’d be surprised if you can keep the weight under 4500 lbs for a trailer that big. I’d rent the truck/trailer, or the truck and drive the MDX.

Thanks for your reply. I didn’t consider tow weight that much; I was more worried about the age/mileage of the MDX. We are also using movers for the big things. I just wanted some extra space to take our essential items with us in the trailer. The 5’x8’ trailer is 900 lbs and with an 1,800 lbs load (the trailer’s rated max) would certainly be under the 4,500 lbs limit. Does this sound like a better idea? Do I need the trans cooler or not?

I highly recommend the trans cooler…

You’d be amazed how fast you can get to 1800 lbs…I have one bookshelf that weighs more then half that.

Definitely get the cooler if you do this. I just worry that Honda/Acura transmission of that time seem to be kind of fragile…

I’d rent a Uhaul and a dolly and dolly the MDX.

Although the transmission problems of the earlier years were mostly solved for 2004, there’s no way I’d do this without a transmission cooler.

TSMB, with AWD I don’t think a dolly would work.

The MDX towing limit is 4500 lbs, when the vehicle is new. Towing that same weight is much harder on it now. I would set the limit at under 3000 lbs at it’s age. Some stealthy packing or just renting another Suv or truck for the trip that could accommodate and share the load along with yours would work. I would drive both. 2000k miles, if you take your time, is a doable trip on cars and 2 drivers and much safer than trying to tow a vehicle while carrying a load. Especially true if you have little heavy load towing experience. Heck, other than the motor, your car will make the trip regardless if you tow it.

Thanks for the input. I think I’m going to go with a 17’ uhaul and auto transport trailer for the MDX. This will give us more space and not kill the MDX. I was tempted to just get a big uhaul but as dagosa pointed out, driving a big truck with trailer would be a pain. The 17’ seems more manageable.

Texases, you are as always, right. I was unaware that this was an AWD vehicle. mea culpa.

Send everything in the moving truck. Why spend another $1,000? Why damage your MDX? You can always send stuff UPS or FedEx a lot cheaper.