2003 vw jetta WAGON

we bought this car brand new and it has had this problem every summer. We turn on the AC. If it’s on high for about 10 minutes (and the outdoor temp is 90 degrees or higher), the car will not go into gear if we are stopped at a light or have it in park, if we turn off the AC it’ll go into gear. If we decide to keep it on a little longer and then turn off our car the car will not restart. We can jumpstart it but it won’t start on its own. Our warranty ran out and the dealership has tried, a new fan, replacing the security alarm system, the battery (twice), and replaced the alternator. I have no choice but to now start asking ANYONE else if they have a clue.

If you have a record of taking it to the dealer to fix this problem BEFORE your warranty ran out, you should be able to get VW to fix this problem.

You are being too forgiving of your dealer/VW’s inability to trace/fix this! Contact your VW zone representative and start making noise!