2003 Volvo S-60 wont start

Our Volvo S-60 2003 will not start pretty randomly. It failed to start on Feb 7th 2008 and gave me a message “Immobilizer. See manual”. We googled the issue and decided to try one of the suggestions a Volvo owner had ? we waiting 2 hours and pressed on the key pod 5 times and lo behold, the car started.

We took the car in for regular service at that time and also reported this issue but the engineers reported no error codes.

It failed to start the morning of March 13th 2008 when I was getting ready to go to work. We took it back to the service station - And could spot no defective codes in the system. We brought the car home and then took the car to run an errand in my neighborhood it did not start when I tried to get back home from the store!!!

PLease help me out. I cannot live with such an unreliable vehicle. There has got to be something wrong. Maybe I should not lock the steering wheel or maybe I should lock it? I am grabbing at straws here.

Has anyone encounted similar problems? Please share.

I have a similar problem with my 2001 S60 2.4T with 68000kms! My S60 starts fine when cold, if I use it and turn the engine off and start it again within the next 5 minutes, it will start fine, but if I leave it off for the next 10 to 30 minutes and try to start it, then it just wont start, the engine wont even crank, and a code light will come on at the instrument display, saying “start refusal, try again”. However, after about 40 minutes it will start as if nothing had happened. My car used to be perfect until last week that I took it to the car wash, it all begun there… The engine bay was not even washed!! I?m desperate… Any suggestions?
(Heart broken Volvo owner in Peru)

I would start the hunt by checking the input power to the unit and see if if there is an intermittent problem with it.

Lock the steering wheel? What are you doing to this car? It obviously has a built-in security system. Are you doing something over-and-above the factory system?

Don’t try to out-think the factory engineers. You will lose every time.

Thnx, have done that already and it keeps the same… I?m having the starters lines all checked at no-start moments to find where power is lost. Hope this will take me somewhere… And hope it wont be a problem with the immobilizer system! Would appreciate other suggestions…
:-/ ALF.