2003 Toyota ECHO - rumbly wo-wo-wo sound

I bought this 2003 Echo almost two years ago and I really like it. It has low mileage–under 100,000 miles. But it has been making a noise which has been gradually getting worse, kind of a rumbly wo-wo-wo sound when I go 25 mph or more. It seems connected to the wheels in some way. What’s notable is that it’s more pronounced when I steer slightly to the left or even straight ahead. When I make a curve to the right, the noise disappears.

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Just a wild guess, it may be the tires. But until a mechanic inspects the tires, suspension, and alignment, just a guesss

My guesses are in order:
Tires (80%)
wheel bearing (10%)
a brake issue that warped the rotors badly (5%)
Some kind of bigger problem (5%)
Tell us what it ends up being so we can see how smaaaht we are.


That noise may simply be a design feature, after all, it is an “echo”.