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2003 Toyota Corolla - what’s my mileage?

How do I get an accurate mileage? My odometer reset back to 0. I’m not to sure how much mileage I have

Is it possible you have switched it to the “Trip” rather than odometer?

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2003-08 Corollas have a factory defect that causes the odometer to reset to zero after the vehicle hits 299,999. That may be what’s happening to yours. It’s entirely possible for a 17 year old car to have racked up 300k. Do you have any idea what the actual mileage is? If the odometer has stopped registering completely you can replace it (expensive) or live with it (inconvenient).

This is incorrect, and would actually be less of a problem than what really happens–which is that it stays at 299,999 permanently. I have seen 2003-2004 Corollas for sale on Craigslist here, which were said to have “over 300,000 miles”, and the picture of the dash always showed “ODO 299999”.

I have never put that kind of mileage on any car, and currently have about 112,000 miles on my 2004 Corolla, so this defect does not concern me. However, if I did, a used instrument cluster from a “you pull it” junkyard would be the way to go.

From the linked article:
“The odometer on my 2007 Corolla went past 299,999 kilometres and reset back to zero!”
Apparently it does happen sometimes. Whether it does in models with the odometer calibrated in miles is unknown.