2003 Toyota Camry transmission maintenance

I have a 2003 Camry with 144,000 miles that still is a great car. Over the 15 years I have owned the car I have spent very little in maintenance and the car looks good and runs well. The problem is I haven’t ever changed transmission fluid and I am becoming concerned. I took the vehicle to my mechanic and he advised me not to change to fluid now since he has heard of transmission problems with similar situations after changing at such high millage.

I did some research on the internet on this matter and I read an interesting article that stated what I should do was to change the fluid and then, after driving the car a couple of thousand miles drop the trans pad and check and replace the transmission filter or screen to be sure that the new fluid, with all its now fresh detergents, hasn’t clogged the filter or screen.

This makes sense to me, but before I go ahead I would like your advice.

My theory is that the mechanic probably really thinks a fluid change might not be a problem . But in the past he has changed fluids and the transmission failed because it was going to anyway but he was blamed for it.
There was a post recently here that said the mechanic would not change fluids unless owner signed a statement that the mechanic would not have to be responsible if trans failed. Your car, your money just do what makes you feel good.


You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose by changing the fluid and filter

But use only the fluid called for in the owner’s manual, not some generic stuff . . . unless it specifically says it’s compatible with the factory fluid listed in your owner’s manual, which I believe is T-IV

But I agree with Volvo . . . if the transmission starts acting up afterwards, don’t blame the mechanic

it was going to happen, anyways, due to the fluid and filter never having been serviced