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2003 Toyota Avalon - Timing belt change?

My 2003 Toyota Avalon V-6 has 79,000 miles on it. Should the timing belt be replaced?

Jim, the belt is changed by miles or months and that info is in your owners manual . This thing is 15 years old and if that is the original belt you are on borrowed time now.


Agree with @VOLVO_V70 If the belt has never been changed, you are WAY overdue on time. Likely a bit overdue on mileage. Either time or mileage can fail the belt. Get it replaced NOW!

YES. “Your cost of ownership is unchanged whether you do it now or in a year. Either way you pay. Once the car is past its drivetrain warranty, you are on your own. Why not get it done a bit sooner rather than later? Remember, wait too long and the downside is huge.” More on timing belts here.

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I’m curious why you don’t believe the instructions from the manufacturer here.