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2003 Subaru Outback - problems after clutch replacement

Alright, so I’m only 20 but I have done quite a bit with vehicles. So I am going to try to explain as much as I can…
So I replaced the clutch in a friends 2003 Subaru Outback. I replaced the clutch and put the engine back in, didn’t have any pronlems doing that. When I started it and put it in gear, nothing. Gears shifted good, clutch felt good, but no movement. So I thought, maybe I got grease on the clutch that flung off the input shaft. So I took the engine out and checked everything over again. Everything was clean, so I torqued the flywheel and pressure plate back down. Further inspection, I put the transmission in first and pushed the car back and forth while the engine was out. The shaft spun really fast as it should. Then I put it in 5th and it spun quite slow. So that’s all normal. Well, I put the engine back in at the bare minimum and put my hand on the input shaft to see if it would spin. The shaft was indeed NOT spinning, HOWEVER, the car is still moving… Turn the engine over by hand and the input shaft spins, but the transmission doesn’t move. It just seems so weird to me and I’m at a loss. I figure maybe something is broke in the transmission but there’s not really any signs of that either. Any help is appreciated!

how did old clutch fail? slipping? or did something give up in the trans and car not move and owner said “clutch”? car is in gear now and you cannot move car?

Are you 100% certain the clutch disc is installed correctly with the cushion springs facing the transmission?

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Ooh, after pulling motor for a 2nd time you bring that up? 3rd times the charm?