2003 Silverado Speedometer Problem


2003 4x4 1500HD - Speedometer is whacked. Read several things on other forums - much back and forth -

meter jumps around from day to day or stops working all together.

any thoughts?


It could be a Vehicle speed sensor, but the Check Engine light would come on.

If there’s no Check Engine light, then there must be something wrong with the speedometer head.



I just received a letter from GM yesterday about this problem, and they were offering a warranty extension to 70k for the problem. The letter was for my 2004 Tahoe, which I would think would be identical mechanically to to Silverado. You might want to call your dealer and see if you are covered or at least what causes the problem if you are not covered.


You didn’t say whether or not your ODOMETER continues to work normally when the speedo is wacko. But if this is the case you probably have a bad chip in the electronic speedo head assembly. There’s a 16-pin DIP integrated circuit that functions as a rate counter and closed loop servo, and that thing croaks. It’s custom made for Delphi Automotive and they will NOT sell them to the general public; you have to take the speedo assembly to one of nine authorized repair centers nationwide to have them fix it. If YOU have to pick up the tab be prepared to part with about $200 plus the cost of removal and installation of the speedo from the truck. So save your letter from GM and take it along when you visit your “friendly” dealer.