2003 Saturn VUE stalling mid-drive

For over a year now while driving my 2003 Saturn VUE automatic it’ll just stall. Once and a while while I’m still pressing on the gas it’ll start up again on it’s own but usually I have to pull over and turn the ignition. It starts back up with no problem but may stall 2-3 more times before I get to my destination. It doesn’t do it every day…but some days it’ll do it 6 times or more within a 10 mile drive.

How many miles on this vehicle? Is the maintenance up to date? Is there any particular circumstance under which the engine stalls? Hot, cold, uphill, downhill, etc? Does it stall at any speed?

Has anyone (such as a mechanic) done any testing to try to figure out why the vehicle stalls?

There are only 51,000 miles on the car and it’s now due for it’s 50, 000 mile maintenance but yes, we’ve kept it current on all other maintenance. It seems to stall mostly around 30 mph and usually after driving for 3 miles or more. We’ve brought it to Saturn several times and they’ve run it through their “tests” and can’t find anything wrong with it. It’s going back on Monday but I’m worried they’re not going to find the problem. It seems to happen around the time when we’re due for our next oil change and then it usually goes away until the next but this time it got worse after our oil change. We only take it to Saturn for oil changes. When it stalls the “check engine,” “service,” and “battery light” light up until I restart the car. There might be other lights that come on too but I can’t remember them right now.

Any luck with this problem you are having yet I have the same problem with mine and nobody can figure it out engineer from saturn looked at said the couldn’t duplicate problem so I may come get it guess what it happened when I picked up so now its back in at saturn so not sure now ??? If I feel they fixed it I will let you know what saturn says .

The ignition switch is on my suspect list. A picture of: http://www.autozone.com/autozone/catalog/parts/partsProduct.jsp?itemIdentifier=190277_0_0_&skuDescription=Duralast+/+Ignition+Switch&brandName=Duralast&displayName=Ignition+Switch&categoryNValue=16299999&sortType=&store=1140&isSearchByPartNumber=&fromWhere=&fromString=search&itemId=prod10878&navValue=16200189&filterByKeyWord=ignition+switch&productId=190277&appQuestionText=&categoryDisplayName=Ignition+(Tune+Up)

have you had this problem with the stalling while driving too? If so Was that what you replaced the ignition switch ?