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2003 PT Cruiser, Transmission question

Hello all!! I have a 2003 PT Cruiser. I’ve had her about a year. She has started squeaking incessantly, whether I’m in gear or in park. (It’s an automatic, by the way) At the same time, I’ve noticed that it’s starting to take quite a while to shift into the final gear. (about a mile). Any thoughts?

“Squeaking?” Where is the squeaking coming from? Engine, seats, rear of the vehicle? We need more information.

I’m going to guess the accessory drive belts are loose or worn, or both, and that’s where the squeaking is coming from.

As far as the shifting goes, have you checked the level of the automatic transmission fluid? Do you know how to check the level of the transmission fluid? Is it full?

Automatic transmissions are programmed to stay in the lower gears longer in cold weather. This helps the engine warm up more quickly, which is good for the engine and for reduces exhaust emissions. If the weather has been cold in your area lately it could be the reason for delayed shifting, but you really should check the fluid level to be on the safe side.

Thanks! I had checked the fluid level both cold and hot, and it was correct. I was not, however, aware that auto trans stayed in lower gears longer in cold weather. It has certainly been colder here in the south…and that would explain it. The squeaking is definitely from the engine area, and I’m betting that your suggestion of checking the belts will be spot on. I was afraid the two, the squeaking and the slow to shift gears, was related…but weather fluctuations here HAVE agreed with your take on that issue…but the squeaking remains. Thank you muchly!!