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2003 Nissan Frontier XE - Air Conditioning Sort-of Problem

Last Friday July 29, I bought a 2003 Nissan Frontier XE that is in really good condition. The only noticeable problem is that the knob that controls the fan speed of the heater and A/C only works in the 3 and 4 positions. I can here the belt engage when I turn the knob to 1 and 2, but no air comes out. So basically, July in Tennessee, it’s either very hot in my truck or very cold.

Fingers crossed that someone knows how to fix this and that it’s relatively cheap and easy.

Thanks in advance…

Its likely that you need a new blower motor resistor. Its a piece in between the switch & fan that basically “resists” electricity and gives you the different fan speeds.

However, you could also have a bad switch. Basically you’ll want to get friendly with a voltmeter or at least a 12V test light to find out whether switch positions 1/2 will send 12V to the resistor. If they do then its probably the resistor that is bad.

But note that, while resistors do burn out, sometimes they burn out because your blower fan is drawing too many amps. So you might get someone to check out the draw of the blower motor.