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2003 Mercury Grand Marquis fan kept running after shutoff

My fan under the hood in my 2003 Mercury Marquis continued to run after I cut the vehicle off. I unplugged the fan for the night. The next day I plugged the fan back up and tried to start the vehicle but it would not start. I tried to jump the vehicle off with jumping cables and this did not work either. I am confused as to what is wrong with it.

Do you have A/C? Could be the condenser fan staying on.

“would not start” ? exactly what happens? no sound, no click, dead battery. They can be so bad that you can’t jump start them. Don’t know if that is related to the fan or not. Perhaps you disconnected something needed to run the starter when you disconnected the fan.

if it cranks but won’t start, there is something else wrong.

The fan running after the engine is shut off is normal depending on the coolant temperature.

However, if the fan continues to run after a few minutes after the engine is shut off, the problem might be with the Engine Cooling Fan Module.

As far the no start problem, allow the vehicle providing the jump to idle for 15 minutes before attempting to start your vehicle.