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2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee Tight Steering

The power steering feels like it looses power and its intermitting. It’s very hard to steer in the mornings and worst in the winter. After taking it to the Jeep dealer and following their directions (changing the power steering fluid to a new improved fluid) we have not noticed a difference.

How are your belts? Any glazing? If the belt driving the PS pump is alipping, you may be intermittantly losing pressure.

The belts are in good shape - No glazing and no sounds of belt slippage. The problem is apparent in the mornings and dissapear at operating tempature.

This phenomenon is referred to as morning sickness. It is usually caused by the internal seals in the rack and pinion going bad. So my guess is you may need a new Steering rack

Thanks for the feedback Americar! I would not have known the difference between this being a pump issues or rack issue.