2003 HYundai Sante Fe cross country trip

What maintenance should I have done on a 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe with 121,000 miles on it in order to make it road worthy to take a trip from Texas to Pa this July? I will be hauling a light trailer on the trip back.

Make sure the cooling sytem is up to scratch; If the coolant has not been changed for the last 40,000 miles do so now. I would also change the oil and filter at this time, unless it has just been done.

The most important item is the transmission. If automatic, change the fluid and filter, if not done in the last 40,000 miles. Also, check all belts & hoses under the hood.

If the trailer is very light, you’re OK without an auxiliary transmission oil cooler. If not I would have one instaled; about $160-$200.

Make sure your tire pressure is OK; I would recommend an extra 3-4Lbs or so.

Happy travelling!