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2003 honda civic ex

Hey guys I’m getting a weird code on my engine it’s p1298 which is electric load detector circuit high input and I’m also getting 3 misfire codes but the car runs great what can I do to fix theses thanks for the help

p1298: Replace the electric load detector; Your civic is the subject of a TSB regarding this problem:

The other codes: What, exactly, are the codes?

P0300 p0302 p0304

How many miles are on the car, and have the spark plugs ever been replaced?

Yes I just replaced them and I bought a whole new engine for it 6 months ago

Thanks for your help by the way

As in a brand new engine, or a rebuilt one, or one from a junkyard or Craigslist or something? What year is the engine? Is it a direct replacement, or did you upgrade (say, throw an Si motor in there)? How many miles on the engine? Were the plug gaps verified when you installed them?

It’s a used engine I didn’t upgrade it it’s the 2.0 vtec engine it had 100000 miles when I bought it I’m not sure if the plug gaps were verified I had a mechanic do all the work for me

The engine year is a 2003

Did the mechanic give you a warranty on the new engine? Because if he did, and you’re still under it, then you should have him figure out the misfire codes.

Yea my warranty just went out but thanks for all the help