2003 Highlander ac warm on drivers side

We have a 2003 Highlander which was having trouble changing from cld to warm air. We found posts about the common problem of the broken wire on the control panel behind the temperature control knob. I believe I was able to repair that by replacing the three wires on panel. The temperature changes from hot to cold now. However the air on the drivers side is luke warm. The passengers side is cold. We have had the freon charged and that hasn’t helped. I have tried adjusting the temperature on the floor heat, vents, and defrost and the temperature is split in the middle.
I even looked under the dash shining a flashlight into the evaporator box through the floor vent and can see the blend doors and actuators moving from hot to cold and floor to vent. My wife is not a fan of being hot and I am not a fan of my wife being hot headed. Could there be a blend door on the drivers side that is partially blocked or out of sync. Can I get to it without removing the dash or evaporator box. Thank you in advance for your help.

There 3 electric dampers Air inlet, Air Outlet & Air Mix. One of these must not be working. You will have to go through and figure out which is the problem.

I am trying to find a detail showing the location of each damper to see if I can see it move through the walls of the evaporator box. Would you know where I could it. Also, do you know if any of these doors would act separately to only serve driver or passenger sides? Thank you for your help.