2003 GMC Sonoma 4 speed- shift problem

Having trouble shifting into 1st gear but not all the time. Recently had the clutch slave cylinder replaced and subsequently took it back to have them re-bleed. It is still not shifting right. Someone at dealer told me it does not have syncromesh transmission and this may be the reason. Any help would be appreciated

Have you noticed if the clutch pick up point is lower when you have a problem shifting into 1st? How many miles on the clutch disc? Btw, what engine size do you have with this 4 speed transmission? Do you know the M# of the transmission?

Things to consider are a failing clutch master cylinder; binding pilot shaft bearing; dry, rusted, or sticking input shaft clutch spline; loose material on the clutch disc; warped clutch disc; and failing pressure plate.

Hope this helps

I think the clutch is worn and needs to be replaced. The problem with standard transmissions is that the driver’s habits seriously effect the lifespan of the clutch. Do you keep your right hand resting on the shift while driving? Do you undershift? Do you drive the car in too high a gear at low speeds?

Pickup point was low prior to slave cyl replacement, but does not seem to be now. I will try to see where clutch is when I cant get into first( I actually can get it into first if I force it or pump the clutch…47,000 miles on disc and serice guy told me they looked at it and it is only 20% used. It is a 2.2 - 2200EFI. Having touble finding transmission mfg #. Went to GMC parts website…may be TX04182/04183 or TX04500/04502. What is best way to find correct #?

The fact that you can get it into first if you pump the clutch pedal is another indicator that the clutch master cylinder could be going bad. How many miles total on the Sonoma?

The reason I was asking about the transmission is that Alldata lists several transmissions for your truck. All are 5 speeds and have synchronizers on 1st gear. Numbers I am seeing are MG5, MY2, M50, MW2, NV1500, and NV4500. If you are getting blocking and can force the shifter into gear your synchronizer is trying to work i.e. it is blocking if there is a speed mismatch and trying to stop the input shaft.

One test you might try is to put the rear up on stands so the rear wheels are free; start the engine; depress the clutch pedal; and shift into 1st. If the wheels start turning with the clutch pedal still on the floor, the clutch disc is dragging for any of the reasons I have previously mentioned.

Good luck on this.