2003 GMC Sierra with 145K, 2WD....I hear a wobble in the tires but still rides good

I admit this issue will be hard to describe! 2003 GMC Sierra with 145K miles with good Michelin tires about a year old. Tire pressure is good and truck rides good. However, me and my son who’s 20, definitely hear a wobble or a roaring sound coming from one of the tires. Sound does not get worse with speed but it’s there. Does not sound like a wheel bearing but I have no idea what it is. Does not bother me but I don’t wont something to be wrong that could lead to something worse if not fixed. Any ideas appreciated.

Could be many things! I suggest taking your vehicule to an independant mechanic.

Need a better description:

Right or left? front or rear?

Cold weather/hot weather?

Not speed dependent? Does it do it when the vehicle is stopped and just idling?

You could try rotating the tires and see if the sound moves.