2003 Ford Thunderbird - in search of electrical cluster

the electrical cluster does not work and Ford says they can’t find one on my 2003 thunderbird

Junk yard.


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Ebay Motors…
Car-Part.com a nationwide junkyard search site
Call this site. https://circuitboardmedics.com/ They don’t list a T-Bird cluster but they do work on Fords

17 year old car, not many built, Good luck finding one.

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You might also post this on any last-generation T Bird forums you can find.

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I don’t know the details of your situation… but I’d get a second opinion or diagnosis. Entire electrical clusters don’t need to be replaced all that often.

If you took this 2003 to a Ford dealer (which it sounds like), they may have given you an overly expensive/difficult diagnosis to make you go away. Dealers generally don’t want to work on 17 year old cars, especially rare/discontinued ones.

Just my two cents.

Looks like the part’s been discontinued for some time, despite some online ford sites still selling them. https://www.thunderbirdspecialties.com/2002-2005-thunderbird-instrument-cluster-problems/

Could really be the Front Electronic Module causing the problem.

There are places that can repair the cluster. Do a web search.