2003 Ford Ranger Edge electrical issues

Help with electrical issues. No reading on battery voltage or oil pressure gauges on console while running, Battery voltage dropped off rapidly after charging and starting truck. as read with multi-meter

Truck quits when voltage around 6 or 7v > charge battery and same thing > start > no readings in side cab for batt or oil , gas ok lights work , Just seems as alt is sucking battery down and defiantly not charging - but what of oil pressure, am I missing a fuse or something >>> Help please

Fix the charging problem first, it could be causing the other problems. You need 11-12 volts, if it’s at 6-7 volts, you have a bad battery or a bad charging circuit. Get the battery and charging system checked and repaired/

Bad alternator

Thanks Found a bad Fuse in drivers Fuse box _ ( not really bad i just did not put back in correctly when troubleshooting the rear lite issue ) Charges fine now Gauges fine now ----but still have an issue with Right Rear lights - Reg lights work fine , but NO brake lights or turn signal > ( get fast blink on that side and front is blinking fast) just like a bad bulb signal. _ Have changed Bulbs 3 times even after reading good continuity, swapped socket with left side no joy, replaced socket , no joy - I look at my haynes manual and the wire colors are not even close on the schematic., I have 3 wires 1 blk - 1 brn - 1 orange&lt.blue. My “book” is not even close. It is a 2003 ranger Edge 3.0l eng. Boy if someone knows of a test point or pinch area that would help ALOT. THANKS Jay

I cannot seem to find a specific fuse for that light to read pwr or grnd. any hints would be helpful also

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Are you using the bulb # specified in your owners manual?

Yea i looked that up also > 1157 < I also compared to Rt side.

So found these Connector #'s anyone know location to ck Pwr/ C 301A - C 301 - C 119 .

Do you get power at C415? It’s for the park/stop/ and turn light, right rear.

pin 1, ground, BK
pin 2, power, exterior lamps, BN
pin 3, turn lamps, feed, right rear, OG/LB

When checking for power , measure between the power and ground on the feed side of the connector, and also the power on the connector and ground probe on a chassis ground.

If that’s ok, check

  • ground connection to the chassis located in that area
  • if the flasher may need to be reset
  • the multi-function switch
  • flasher function

Suggest you start at c415, which is the connector adjacent to the right rear tail-light ass’y for the park/stop/turn light, right rear. The power for the stop/turn lamp comes on the OG/LB wire, for the parking lamp on the BN wire. There’s just one bulb, one filament for the stop/turn, and one of the parking. Make sure the BK wire makes a good solid connection to the chassis. My guess is that’s the problem.

Awesome suggestion I will attempt I worked on a conn under the Right rear bumper area. Disconnected it <> Tried to read wires but the conn has 8 in and only 5 pins out ?? I tried to connect Jumper wire from the ( hot ) side male to the bulb conn wires themselves in Left Light . And BOTH turn signals blink at same time >> The right dim and left ( problem child ) brighter. I am so confused >>> Exactly where are the Body grounds located??? Thanks