2003 Ford Explorer making noise

I have a 2003 Ford Explorer with about 65k miles that has been making noise and I am looking for an opinion as to what it might be. The sound is low and dull and only happens when the car is moving. its a repeating sound which seems to be connected to how fast the car is moving and not how fast the engine is running – at low speeds it is almost like a really low dull knocking sound while at highway speed its basically constant.

The sound is not very loud or really that noticeable – if you aren’t familiar with the car, it might take a little while to even realize the car is making noise.

The mechanic at my last inspection didn’t have any thoughts, but I also don’t think he really tried to figure it out.

before I take it back in I am just looking for thoughts on what it might be – maybe a wheel alignment issue (though I haven’t noticed any steering issues)?


Not sure any of us here will have anything interesting to say for this issue…which could be almost anything. My first notion was something to do with your tires… Not enough info to go on here really


Tires or inside CV joint. It would really depend on the sound. A constant wub, wub noise that slightly varies with speed would be a tire seperated internally.