2003 Ford Explorer - Catalytic Converter

Long story short. A loud cow bell clank when I first start and drive every day then it stops. When I park the SUV, the pinging begins (for about an hour -very loud). Same thing, everytime I start it, it will clank about 10 times and stop. Took to Ford - 3 days later, they cannot figure it out - they definitely hear it - just can’t find it. Replaced the heat shield. Still does it even more so. Was told they probably tested the catalytic converter and disturbed it even more. Should I get 2nd opinion, replace it? or be happy to trade it in - has 90,000 and is as clean as a whistle otherwise. Not sure what to do -don’t want to pay all the money if that is not what it is and they are only guessing.

If the Check Engine light isn’t on, there’s nothing wrong the catalytic converter. I would be more inclined to check for a loose baffle inside the muffler.


Interesting. So far, I have had nooone agreeing with the dealership on replacing the converter - however one did tell me that they probably tested it, and the pressure broke it up even more which is why i am hearing all the extra pings and clanks. I am just concerned that these noises come from starting it up (the clanks) and the pings when i shut it off - so it is definitely a heat type issue.

sorry for being a girl but i dont want to jump to ditching it if i can get someone to fix it correctly…ugh

Have the bolts for the flywheel checked for tightness. The flywheel is inside a large bell shaped area between the engine and the transmission.

so you agree that it is probably NOT the catalytic converter? i think ford is messing with me - they told me 1400 to fix it.

Yes, get a second opinion at an independent shop.