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2003 Ford Expedition Dead Battery

Im having trouble finding the source of the draw on my battery in my 2003 Expedition. The battery goes dead in 2-3 days. I have replaced the battery and the truck is charging well. Anyone else having this trouble? Any ideas?-Thanks

You will need a dc ammeter. Most multimeters have them built into it. Take the positive cable off of the battery and hook the meter between the cable and the meter. Make sure your meter is in the dc ammeter mode. Find the fuse box on your car. Start pulling the fuses out one at a time until the meter amps go down to almost zero. They wont go all the way to zero because if your door is open the dome light will be on if your fuses are inside the car. Be sure you pull one fuse at a time and read the meter then replace the fuse and then pull another one. When you find the fuse that has the amp draw on it you will know which circuit to repair.

Here is a link to a site that shows how to test for this kind trouble and may also help you find the trouble.