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2003 Element decelerating on highway

When going 60 or over on highway and accelerating, vehicle will sometimes jerk and start decelerating (feels like gear slipped or something, but is an automatic). Check engine light comes on. I can slowly accelerate again after a minute and may not do it again until I accelerate just a bit fast again. After happening at 65 mph, happened 10 min later accelerating from 30. Vehicle sat for a few hours and I drove it home 30 min, at less than 60 mph and very slow aceleration and did not happen again. Hard to get onto the highway and wondering if this is safe to drive? (I have a 2 yr old). I just had 2,000 of maintenance done on the car last week and they did not catch the problem even though we told them about it.

The “check engine light” tells you that the computer has detected a problem and has stored an error code to help diagnose the problem.

Take the car to a big-chain type auto parts place such as Autozone. These places normally read the codes for free. Write down the exact codes (e.g. P1234) and post them here. Don’t bother with whatever “text” they give you or whatever anyone says about the codes. Just post the codes.

Also report the car’s mileage and maintenance history info in terms of what was just done 2k miles ago and what your maintenance strategy has been over the life of the car.

Specific note should be made of the service history of the transmission.