2003 Chrysler 300M - anything to look out for?

any overall problems???

Yes, first it is twenty years old.


Well , I don’t really have any overall problems except the nomal aches caused by the aging process . But thanks for asking :wink:


Which engine? Four possibilities from what I see. V6 3.5 L , VIN “G”, “K”, “M”, or “V”?

Engine ID is probably on a sticker on underside of hood.

Based on a quick web search, transmission problems appear to be moderately common. That said, a lot will depend on how it’s been maintained.

This thing is at least 19 years old - unknown mileage - unknown model - are they wanting to purchase or do they have one ? Until the person can ask a real question why waste time looking up stuff for them and they may never return .


It will read “3.5 liters”.

There are no mechanical differences in the 300M engines, why do you believe this makes a difference?

The 300M Special has a higher horsepower rating due to PCM programming and premium fuel.

Why wouldn’t I? If there’s no differences, why are there a different engine ID’s? Suggest to review the OP. OP doesn’t ask only about “mechanical problems”.