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2003 Chevrolet Impala - Deep water issues

i was driven down a flooded street yeah i know not a smart thing to do well as i was goen through the water a semi flew right passed me which made my car start to float at that time my car started to die so i was tapping on the gas i was only able to tap the gas before it totally died when the car did die it was out of the water si i checked my air filter and yes it was wet checked my oil no water drops on the dip stick my transmission fluid is pink but very very thin it actually drips off the dip stick like nothing i havent checked the spark plugs yet so my question is will i have to replace my engine

Hard to tell. Me, I would take a chance, put in a new air filter and try to start it.
Or you could pull the plugs then turn it over to see if any water got into the engine.

I would add to what @Purebred said and suggest you get your transmission fluid changed ASAP.