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2003 Chevrolet Blazer- Timing cover blew off!

I went to crank my car and it blew the timeing cover off

Wow, please post a picture.

Timing cover or Distributor cap ?

You have provided no info at all other than a very sparse complaint.

If you mean distributor cap the only way that should happen is if the distributor shaft was worn out and the rotor hit the cap. This can be caused by irregular oil changes, etc.

If you mean the timing chain cover the only way that should happen is if the timing chain assembly came unglued and wiped out everything inside the cover. This can also be caused by irregular oil changes and is even more problematic than the above dist. cap scenario.

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Welcome to the community !! Thanks for letting us know of this. I’ll be sure to tell all my friends.

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Pictures or it didn’t happen!


It can and does happen… its not pretty but it can be humorous if the right elements are present

Then again I do tend to smile or laugh at most shituations


change oil have paper work from walmart

not useful information please play again

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Is that an order :question: I wouldn’t let Walmart change the oil in my deep fryer much less my car.


If you really want help you will have to give understandable posts . If you can’t fix this on your own then you need a shop . And if this really is the timing cover you have serious problems so don’t try to start the vehicle.

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If you want help you must provide at least an iota or two of useful information.
At this point we don’t know if you’re referring to dist. cap or timing cover.

If timing cover is taken literally then I’d say you’re up the creek engine wise and I don’t see how Wal Mart would be responsible for that because of an engine oil change.

The only way I could see WM being guilty of a blown off timing cover would be if they botched an oil change and this led to the engine chucking the timing chain assembly and busting the cover off.

That scenario brings up questions such as how long after this WM oil change did the cover let go? If you say a week or a month then I do not see WM being at fault.
I’m NOT saying you are guilty of this but have seen it many times in the past. When someone asks questions and continues to remain sans relevant info they are quite often looking for someone to blindly back them up in a dispute, lawsuit, or whatever. They are simply looking for a “you go dude” affirmation rather than useful info. You can prove me wrong by filling in some blanks.