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2003 Caddy DHS

Daughter’s car with 70K engine will suddenly die, once on Interstate doing 65 MPH. Now it will die at moderate speed, slowdown, or at idle. Sometimes will restart immediately, often have to wait a short period and ocassionally will have to wait till next day. Mitchel’s suggest that it could be the crankcase sensor A or B. I don’t have access to Obd reader, any way to confird this diagnosis?

Thank You

Is the check engine light actually on? A fuel pump going south can have the same symptom.

You can borrow an OBD-II reader at many car parts stores for free. Call ahead to see if they have one. Follow the instructions they give you and return the reader to them after downloading the codes. They will read the codes and give you a printout. They will even help you figure out what is wrong. Of course, they want to sell you replacement parts, but you are not obligated to buy them. You can post the codes here and we will help you interpret them.