2003 BMW 525 - Coolant alert

Engine coolant leak indicator light came on.
I have installed upper and lower radiator hoses, rather my technician did, in November 2019.
Eurasian Auto, after the coolant light came on, installed a radiator and Water Pipe–Water hose to engine block in June 2021.
On September 23, 2021 the coolant level light came on.
I took my BMW into Eurasian Auto and they did a pressure test for 35 minutes resulting in no leakage in the coolant system.
Could other components create a coolant leak?

Im not sure about your vehicle but some have a sensor in the coolant overflow tank. if the coolant is a little low it will go off and send a message.

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Is it actually loosing coolant?

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It did and after filling it up I went and had it pressure tested with a negative result so the hoses, etc. are intact.


Coolant reservoir or one of the hoses going to it could be leaking.

If it’s pressure testing ok it shouldn’t be a hose as they leak under pressure, gaskets seals and engine components can loose coolant when the engine cools and the pressure decreases. Would be worth checking the inside of the car as the heater core can seep a bit of coolant. If there’s no sign of coolant emerging it may be an internal engine leak.

Our 2014 BMW X3 alerted us to a coolant leak at about 40K miles. We read the manual, which said that this can sometimes occur and to add coolant. We phoned the dealer who said, “Add water.” Instead, we took it to BMW who then added water and called it good. We traded it for a CX-5 very shortly after that and have had no troubles since.