2003 Acura TL - Broken AC

I need to get my A/C fixed on my 2003 acura tl

Off to the A/C shop you go.
A/C usually is not a DIY project unless you have the tools and knowledge.
But, if you are just interested of what could be wrong. you would need to give a lot more info of what the problem you are having is.
someone here might be able to help let you know.


Some diy’er things can be tried first. A/C moves the heat from the A/C evaporator inside the car to the A/C condenser in the engine compartment (near the radiator), where the heat has to be blown off the condenser by the engine compartment fans. So make sure the engine compartment fans are working correctly, and the condenser isn’t clogged with bugs or dirt. And make sure the the air pathways in evaporator area allows free air movement, especially the in-car filter, if so equipped.

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Best to ask coworkers, friend and family if they know of a good shop for the repairs, also Google can help…
A/C work is best left to the professionals with the proper TOOLS and knowledge…
Freon is basically a colorless odorless gas that without the proper tools can be very hard to find a leak if it has one… You need a set of manifold gauges to check the HIGH side and low side pressures to see what the system is doing…

There’s also a risk of injury, including blindness, if you don’t know what you’re doing.


Bring money with you to the shop. Expect about a $1500 bill.


$1500? I’ve never paid a single dollar to repair any of my car’s A/C. Of course I’ve never owned a car with AC … lol …

Most of the members of this forum were already aware of that situation.


lol …sort of like my main reason for watching tv shows about folks buying junk, s b/c I’m happy I have the $700 in my bank account and the guy on tv has to lug around that huge 50 year old coca cola sign. You folks should just sit back & enjoy my stories about my not having A/C in my cars, now that summer temperatures are approaching and I’ll be cooking … lol.

Maybe if you did not have so many repeat stories .


I have replaced the blower resistor in my Stratus twice, I wear safety glasses.

Not all air conditioning repairs involve refrigerant lines.

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