2003-2004 cadillac cts


My daughter wants to buy a CTS. 3.2 or 3.6. Does anyone have experience with these cars, e.g. reliability, maintenance cost, really any info would be appreciated.She drives a 2002 Rodeo, it’s trouble free, I don’t want her buying trouble.


Stop by the bookstore on the way home and pick up a Consumer Reports Used Car Buyer’s Guide. That’ll have lots of information.


My grandmother(85) has one and absolutely loves it and has little trouble with it. She uses a local garage not dealer for servicing. Its a winner as far as I am concerned for a Cadillac product or really domestic product. I am unsure of engine but hers is a manual transmission which she really likes. I looked once at Consumer Reports and it has an average repair record which is decent d


Wow, an 85 year old grandmother driving a sporty, stick shift Cadillac CTS?? Talk about a cool grandma!


My cousin has a 3.2L CTS from around 2004 and is very happy with it.