2002 Toyota Sienna - Unspecified Panel Lights On

Thanks a lot for this option to xplain my car issue.
The panel lights next to the gas meter, stay on.
three mechanics have ran the car couple of miles aiming that the lights would go off??? but it hasn’t.
I am a senior w/ the big task of taking my 3 grandkids to/from school. i can’t walk.
Tis the only reason that I’m making a effort to fix this.
kindly email an estimate of labor cost. i know that i may have to buy new/old pieces.
Joe, Mariana

PS beg you call/chat via WhatsApp to notify me that you’ve emailed estimate. THANKS BIG TIME!

@cdaquila What is this and who do they think they are contacting ?

You need better mechanics. Diagnostic needs to be done FIRST. Expect to pay $100-150 for diagnosis. The shop might waive the fee if repair work is performed by them.

BTW, what are the panel lights? Each one has a meaning, you can find that information in your owners manual.

That’s not going to happen,
I’m not sure where you originally posted your question, but it ends up here for all to see

With out knowing which light are on how do you expect any info much less a repair estimate.