2002 Toyota RAV4 - transmission/ECM issues

Just received a letter from Toyota, the finally admit there was a problem and offer to fix it for free under the “warranty enhancement” 10 years or 150K miles. however, strings are attached. Repair must be at a Toyota Dealer. If you had repair done already they request a copy of repair order and proof of payment. It does not address the issue of wheather the repairs must have been done at a Toyota dealer.
My tranny went displayed this at 65000 miles (warranty at that time was 60000 miles) It cost me $1700 bucks and was not at a dealer.(reprogram the ECM, etc.) I plan to submit my claim and see if they will be good unough to reimburse me at least some of the cost. If not then I will get nasty. The letter from Toyota is sent to the owner on record, from the Torrance, CA office.

I have a 2001 Rav4 that I thought the trans was going bad on due to increased slipping over 3 days. This wouldn’t have been a suprise after 206,000 miles of trouble-free use, mind you, but my mechanic was told by Atlanta Toyota that they couldn’t sell him a tranny due to litigation that says the ECM is causing the tranny problem! My dear brother found a fix on Ebay for $200…I gambled, sent off my computer for a refurbed one AND IT WORKS LIKE NEW AGAIN!!! LUVMYRAV! Company is DAT (in CA), Owner is Sayed (great guy!), Tel# is 931-734-2700. I told him I’d post his name everywhere I found, as Toyota’s response to something so simple was highly unethical! You can search Rav4 ECM repair & find him on Ebay, and will see my post in his rating/comment section, too. Good Luck!

Ok My turn with this problem I guess…and I was SO loving this car!! Did my research here and Googling…NY Times has an article about this and re CA law change…7/10. Saw about the guy in NY, who sounds wonderful, but I’ll bring to the dealer here in FL and hope for reimbursement from Toyota…OR they will experience one MAJOR hissy fit!! lol It’s always something, right? (Roseann Rosannadanna, RIP) Replacing the ECM is the answer? 2003 Rav4, auto 2WD, 85K mi (I know) pretty babied overall but neglected some recently, but…not this!!! Hard reverse, slipping gears :>(

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