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2002 Suburban

At 1100 rpm I have a vibration coming from the rear. It only happens at 1100 rpm no matter is I am accelerating of decelerating. As is something is rubbing against something else and the 1100 rpm is just the right harmonics to make the sound. Vehicle has 147,000 miles.


Does it happen at 1100 rpm regardless of which gear you’re in? If so, sounds like a loose/broken piece on the exaust system. If it happens at the same speed, might be a u joint or rear axle problem.

Understanding from your post that it’s a sound rather than a physical vibration, I’d take a look at the exhaust system starting with the heat shields on the cat converters. These are known to rust loose and rattle at resonant frequencies. If that does turn out to be the source, the best fix permanent is to wrap a large hose clamp from the hardware store around the shield and converter and secure the shield.