2002 Subaru Forester shuts off in traffic

My Subaru Forester 2002 is giving hard moments. When I drive in Traffic Jam or brake abruptly the engine is always switched of, I restart it and most of other cars behind me or on both sides of the lane give me horrible horn alarms! God Gracious, it kills me off!

I presume the check engine light comes on because it normally does when the engine dies but has it come on at other times? If so, have an auto parts store or repair shop check the stored codes. Your car’s throttle body could need to be cleaned. A bad idle air control valve is another possibility. It’s remotely possible there’s a problem with the transmission’s torque converter lockup but that seems unlikely in traffic.


What do you care if drivers around youget angry?

Life is better if people around us are not angry at us. Safer, too.

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There’s two things that can cause the engine to suddenly shut down.

A dirty/defective idle air control valve.


Or a faulty crankshaft position sensor.


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If my car stalls, I immediately turn on my flashers. If idiots still honk at me, I give em a one finger salute.

Does it happen only when you apply the brakes?

Hadn’t considered that but there could be a vacuum leak. I’d think it would be running badly at other times though.

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