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2002 Silverado Fuel Economy

I have a '02 Silverado & have had worse gas milage since have a new intake manifold gasket replaced w/injectors flushed.It’s a 5.3 4WD.Any ideas?

You are driving the car harder to test the work?

That was really brief. You have about eight or ten more lines to type and you can’t get out of it. Collect your thoughts and proofs and get to work. We need info if we are to say that you are wrong. How many tanks of gas have you run through it so far and how much worse is the gas mileage? Anything else you add will be a plus.

I guess that was a little brief!.LOL.I bought the truck 1st week of Nov. 1st two tanks got me 20.5. Check engine light came on & dealer said intake man. was bad.Since I replaced it,my gas milage has dropped to between 16-19 mpg.I haven’t driven any different and have tried all brands of gas.Is it possible that cold weather has something to do with it or maybe winter gas blend?

According to the specs on this vehicle, the mileage is 14mpg (city) and 18mpg (hwy).