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2002 Ram 1500 5.9L miss-fire

I recently bought a ram 1500 and shortly after starting getting a miss-fire on #2 cylinder. Over several weeks replace the plug, wire, distributer and rotor. The problem went away and then started coming back. Replace a cracked #2 plug (cracked) and then had the fuel injectors cleaned profgessionaly. This has helped the last 2 months but it is starting to miss-fire again. Any Ideas? The only suggestion I have been given is to try to replace the injector.

Try swapping that injector with an injector from another cylinder. If the miss moves with the injector replace the injector. If the miss doesn’t move with the injector, it’s not the injector.


Any suggestions on doing this? I have only repladed 1 injector on an old Eclips and it was a nightmare. Please tell me it is easier on a Ram.

Well, if replacing an injector on an Eclipse was a nightmare for you, it would be wiser to have someone with the expierence and tools do this.