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2002 Pontiac Grand Prix

This car has run great until we were hit in the front end of the car. Since then, our car reaches a point where it “hesitates” when driving. Also, our temperature light now goes up to halfway, where before it would only go to a quarter.

Your Question, I Presume, Involves Relating The “Accident” To The Two Symptoms You Describe.

At first glance, it seems very unlikely that there is a relationship. However, we need more information about the collision.

How much damage are we talking about? What items were damaged and replaced, particularly mechanical and cooling system items, such as the radiator, etcetera?

Are you trying to tie the car’s new “problems” to a collision caused by somebody else or to improper repair work?

Lastly, do you ever have to add coolant and approximately how many miles on this Pontiac?