2002 passat 2.8L v-6 engine light is solid yellow

2002 passat 2.8L v-6 engine light is solid yellow–I am out of town now or I would have the codes checked-- what happened is about two days after driving out of town the engine check light came on-- I notice that the odometer just turned 60,000-- could this have anything to do with the engine light coming on? I ask because in the service schedule at 60k it says that the computer diagnostics should be run at the 60k check up – also on the first day after I saw the engine light the keyless entry stopped working but now after sitting a couple of days that is working again – any ideas on that or is it all coincidence? also can I drive it home (about 700 miles)?

I know some of the VW’s have had service lights and they would tend to come up at an even mileage like 60,000. Have you checked your owner’s manual.

In any case you should be OK to continue to drive it for a limited amount of time unless you get a flashing light. Flashing lights mean head for the side of the road and shut everything down NOW. They don’t mean wait for the next exit or three blocks to home. Solid lights tend to be a “you need to check…”

I would want to get the codes checked if this is a CEL (Check Engine Light) on the other hand if it is a “Time for Service” light you should be good for 700 miles.

While it does not mean your Passat does not have one, but my 2002.5 NB TDI does not have a Service Engine Light.

Drive it home if the check engine light is not flashing. It is unrelated to the scheduled service/mileage.