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2002 Nissan Quest Problems

I own a 2002 Nissan Quest GXE, it has 135,000 miles, and has only had the timing belt, water pump and thermostat changed ( besides the norm, brakes, and etc.) We do our regular maintenance, and now if you dont warm the van up in the morning it will die when you put it into gear. Once it is warm it is fine — Any Suggestions??

Check engine light on?

yes sure is!

Hmmm…Why do people almost always leave out that very significant point unless they are asked specifically?

Anyway, you need to have the OBD II system scanned for trouble codes. If you go to an auto parts retailer (Auto Zone, Reilly, Advance, Napa are possibilities), you can likely have the scan done free-of-charge. Then come back to this same thread (NOT a new thread) and post those codes. Without the codes, everyone is just shooting in the dark.

alright will do look my response later on today