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2002 Nissan Maxima with new engine is burning oil fast

I recently had my engine replaced. But it’s burning oil fast. I have to add for every 2 to 3 weeks. I have a warranty but when I spoke to the manager who replaced it he said that some cars just burn oil faster and to keep adding more when it runs low. This feels shady to me because it’s a new engine. Dose the car it’s self really matter on how fast it burns? I also here a metal flutter like something caught in a fan when I go up hill …help!

With what? A new engine? A rebuilt engine? Or a used engine?

That is not acceptable.

He is lying to you. People replace engines BECAUSE they are burning oil! Check your oil every time you get gas, keep a notebook on mileage when you gas up and how much oil you put in at each fill-up. Oil consumption on a NEW or REBUILT will be higher at first but will drop over 2-3000 miles. The oil consumption should be less than a quart every 1500 miles or so.

Gather up all your paperwork and read what the warranty the shop gave you on their work says. Send a registered letter, receipt requested (go to the post office for this) to the manager you talked to. Inform him that you believe the oil burning you experience is not acceptable nor normal for this engine and request the shop solve the problem. Tell him if this is not remedied to your satisfaction you will contact a lawyer. You need to collect proof that you contacted the shop with your concerns BEFORE the warranty on the work runs out if you have any hope of resolution.

You paid for a repair, you deserve an engine that doesn’t burn oil. Good Luck

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