2002 Mercedes-Benz C-Class - Smokes

My c240 is exhuming white smoke which is smelling like gadand one of the catalytic converter is not working.also its consuming a lot of petrol.what could be happening.should i be worried

Guessing - head gasket failure - worried yes - mechanic needed - smelling like gadand ???


The white smoke smells like gas/petrol

I’m guessing the gas smell points to why one of your catalytic converters failed. White smoke indicates coolant getting into the exhaust.

If I had to guess, one of the cylinders isn’t firing properly, which is dumping raw fuel into the exhaust where it is wrecking the catalytic converter. That’s also why you’re consuming a lot of gas - you’re wasting a bunch of it in the cylinder that isn’t firing.

So yeah, I unfortunately concur with @VOLVO_V70 - you should be worried because this is probably going to be expensive.

Another problem that a mechanic just found is that one of the coil packs is not firing properly

To be clear, you want to be sure the engine problem is fixed before you replace the converter. Otherwise you might kill the new one.


exhume=dig out. thats an interesting way to say your car is emitting/exhausting white smoke